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Image for Field Catchment Sites: Reducing Nitrogen Loading

Field Catchment Sites: Reducing Nitrogen Loading

Bradley Kennedy and Gurpal Toor will be using three edge-of-field catchment sites located across Maryland for their research: one with tile drainage, one with ditch drainage, and one measuring surface runoff. These catchments are all in corn-soybean rotations with winter cover crops. Each site is instrumented with an H-flume or water control structures to measure flow and collect runoff samples. Runoff samples will be collected year-round and analyzed for different forms of nitrogen. The team is also testing novel spectrometer technology that can continuously monitor nitrate in ditch and tile water. The near-term goal is to determine what could be done on agricultural lands to reduce nitrogen loading by 20 percent.

Project Leader

Gurpal Toor

Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Maryland

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Project Team

Bradley Kennedy

PhD Student, Department of Environmental Science & Technology, University of Maryland